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Monday, October 30, 2006

Character Profile ~ Rowan of the Elves

Character Profile: Rowan of the Elves

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Light Green

Status: Escort to King Kaas and Queen Loara of the Elves

Age: Unknown

Home: Elven Kingdom


Rowan is the royal escort to the king and queen of the elves. His job is to accompany them whenever they leave their realm, and announce their arrival. He is also responsible for arranging meetings between the elves and the monarch of Lyndaria, among others.

He is the nephew of King Kaas himself--the son of Princess Kendra of the elves and Sir Darryn of Winterborne, a human Wolverine. Therefore, Rowan is a half-elf. Rowan was unable to make his way in the human world due to his distinctly elven features, however, the elves didn't take kindly to his return either, due to the hard feelings toward Kendra after she abducated her throne to her brother Kaas for the love of a mere human.

But the elves dare not defy their king. Kaas welcomed Rowan with open arms, and therefore, Rowan is now an important member of the royal entourage. Over the years, he has earned the respect of the elven people for also being a general in the Army of Magi. Rowan's magic is strong, and even the most seasoned mages do not wish to cross him.

Because of his royal blood, Rowan is technically a prince, however he is not addressed as such. He does not have a direct line to the elven throne, nor does he wish to rule the elves. The title of "prince" is more a courtesy than anything else, and is only used on the most important of documents.

Due to his human blood, he does not have as long a lifespan as a full elf. However, no one truly knows Rowan's age.

Quote of Note:
"You have magic inside you, Arianna. I have felt it and Mynos has felt it. Once you learn to use the Crystal, you will be very powerful indeed." ~~Rowan of the Elves

Monday, October 23, 2006

Character Profile ~ Sir Kennett of Darragh

Character Profile: Sir Kennett of Darragh

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Grey

Status: General of the Dark Knights

Age: 41

Home: Shadow Mountain


Sir Kennett is a Dark Knight, a loyal subject of Queen Darragh. He was hand-chosen by the queen to be one of the men to infiltrate the castle and steal a valuable scroll from the very lair of Mynos himself. Sir Kennett and his men were successful, until King Brennan realized what had been done. The king sent three of his own elite Wolverines, Sir Geoffrey, Sir Sebastian, and Sir Cederick, to hunt down the Dark Knights and take back what rightfully belonged to the Ruler of the Four Realms.

Sir Kennett is responsible for the death of Arianna of Stollinshire's family. He knew she'd been hiding the scroll for one of the king's Wolverines, and therefore killed every person in his wake. However he did not succeed in killing Arianna before she fled, but that didn't stop him from pursuing her to finish the job.

Sir Kennett is one of Queen Darragh's favorite subjects. He is not Captain of the Guard at Shadow Mountain, however, he is a general in Her Majesty's army. Darragh plans to lay siege to Castle Templestone, and it will be Sir Kennett who will lead the Dark Knights to victory. He burns with lust for his queen, desperate to make her his own. She has allowed him to taste of her a handful of times, but has never sworn to love only him. He will not rest until she is screaming his name.

It is unknown how Sir Kennett came to be a Dark Knight, but it is assumed that if Queen Darragh is using her brainwashing magic on half the countryside of Lyndaria, she also used her power upon the men she now leads in her army. But her Dark Knights have been so twisted by her magic, it is unknown if these men can ever live a sane, normal life should her spell ever be broken.

Quote of Note:

“In the name of Darragh, Castle Templestone will fall today! We shall be victorious!” ~~Sir Kennett of Darragh

Monday, October 16, 2006

Character Profile ~ Queen Darragh

Character Profile: Queen Darragh

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Blue/black

Status: Queen of the Dark Knights

Age: Unknown

Home: Shadow Mountain


Queen Darragh is not a true queen at all. She does not have a country to rule, but she does have subjects. She rules over her Dark Knights, an army of men who have sworn loyalty to her. She has taught some of them how to wield magic, those with elven blood in their veins.

She does not rule by fear or hatred, but rather by seduction. Every one of her loyal knights lusts for her in one way or another. It is unknown if this feeling she produces in men is due to her beauty or a magical spell. The latter is most likely. It is because of this ability that her knights are fiercely loyal, blinded only to one purpose--to make Darragh their own. She has even bedded a few of them for her own pleasure and to make sure her influence remains strong. Therefore, the Dark Knights of Darragh will do anything she bids them to do.

Darragh lives on Shadow Mountain, a large, black crag in the Dragon’s Death Mountains. An abandoned fortress became her home shortly before she began teaching her subjects the forbidden magic of brainwashing. She taught them this ability to grow her armies beyond the Dark Knights, and to assimilate the population of Lyndaria to her cause.

Queen Darragh desperately wants to find the Crystal of Mynos in order to rule Lyndaria herself. She has her eyes on Castle Templestone and will not stop until King Brennan is dead and his crown is hers. It is unclear where she came from, but it is clear that she must be stopped. By any means possible.

Quote of Note:

“I am planning an attack on the city of Breckenwood. I have allowed that information to leak to the king in the hopes that he will send most of his troops to stave off the attack. I will be sending you reinforcements within the next few days and with the Wolverines gone, we will attack Castle Templestone.” ~~Queen Darragh

Monday, October 09, 2006

Character Profile ~ Sir Duncan of Marynville

Character Profile: Sir Duncan of Marynville

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Green

Status: A Knight from the Order of the Wolverine

Age: 19

Sword: Swiftgleam (enchanted by the Crystal of Mynos)


Sir Duncan of Marynville is one of the youngest Wolverines in the king's court. He trained under Sir Quinn of Breckenwood, but has yet to see battle. He is most eager to learn swordplay, but when the time comes for him to actually fight, he dreads the day. Sir Duncan doesn't know if he has what it takes to be a true Wolverine. But he's determined not to let his family down. Just like Sir Sebastian of Tabrinth, his grandfather before him was a Wolverine. His sword, Swiftgleam, once belonged to Sir Barak of Marynville.

Duncan decided at a young age to become a Wolverine, as all he used to do was stare at the castle off in the distance and dream of adventure. Unbeknownst to his family, he used to 'play' with Swiftgleam, pretending to be a knight. It wasn't until the weapon spoke to him one day, convincing him that he was its new master, that Sir Duncan took his own dream seriously.

With his bright red hair and expressive green eyes, Sir Duncan is quite the catch at Castle Templestone. However, for a boy who is painfully shy, he rarely has any luck with women. There is one woman, however, Lady Arlington, who has taken quite the liking to Sir Duncan, despite the fact that she is many years his senior. He doesn't talk about their torrid affair, even to his closest friends, but he does blush a deep crimson whenever Lady Arlington is brought up in casual conversation.

Sir Duncan has a twin sister, Meghan of Marynville. She still lives with their parents in the city they both grew up in, the closest city to Castle Templestone. Meghan also has the same flaming red hair and green eyes as her brother and is considered quite a beauty in their hometown.

Quote of Note:

"Samantha told me that Arianna cried and said that she loved you, but that you didn't love her back. She mentioned that you had done your duty ... or something like that, and now you wanted nothing to do with her. At least that's what Samantha says, but she's known to gossip ..." ~~Sir Duncan of Marynville

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Character Profile ~ Sir Sebastian of Tabrinth

Character Profile: Sir Sebastian of Tabrinth

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Status: A Knight from the Order of the Wolverine

Age: 21

Sword: Fleetfire (enchanted by the Crystal of Mynos)


Sir Sebastian of Tabrinth may be young, but he is not lacking in maturity. Trained as a knight by Sir Cederick of Breckenwood, the young Wolverine has the entire world before him. He is formidable indeed with his sword, besting many of the older knights in the king's service. Many believe Sir Sebastian is destined for greatness, but he does not have such lofty ideals. Sebastian merely wishes to be the best Wolverine he can be, like his grandfather before him.

Sebastian's hometown of Tabrinth is on the northern border of Lyndaria. His grandfather, Sir Owen of Tabrinth was a legendary knight. Sebastian grew up hearing many a wonderous tale about his grandfather's excapades, and there was nothing he'd rather do than follow in his footsteps. His father had no such inclinations, and chose instead to become a merchant within their hometown. But the sword of Sebastian's grandfather, Firefury, used to speak to him when he was a child, and he knew it would one day be his.

Many women have fawned over Sir Sebastian, and he hasn't turned them away. Indeed, he enjoys the attention. Not only is he a great swordsman, he is also extremely handsome, making Sir Sebastian one of the most sought after Wolverines in the king's court. However, being so young, he knows he is not ready to settle down with a wife and family, and therefore finds enjoyment in accepting the favors of women with no strings attached.

Sir Sebastian is one of Sir Geoffrey of Emberdale's closest friends. They are similar in age, with Sir Geoffrey only a few years his senior at 25. Frequently they can be found together within the bailey of Castle Templestone practicing their swordplay. Sir Geoffrey is perhaps the only Wolverine in the king's service who can best Sebastian in a fair fight. With Geoffrey being the youngest Wolverine to hold the title of the King's Best, that is to be expected.

But it has only made Sebastian more determined to become one of the King's Best as well. He is fast on his way.

Quote of Note:

“We shall fight! The castle will not fall today.” ~~Sir Sebastian of Tabrinth