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Monday, March 12, 2007

Good God!

My eyes deceive me. That must be what's happening. I cannot be gazing at Malnan's Jewel after all these years!

My beautiful mate Malnan was killed on the battlefield during the original war for my Crystal. There was no trace of the gem she had created that day. But where did it go? Who's hands did it fall into? And why does this young girl who knows nothing of her past have it around her neck?

I must know for my own sanity. Malnan's death was the reason I encased myself in stone. Now that her talisman has been found, perhaps I can find the peace I crave so desperately.

And yet... When I touch the Jewel, I can feel something, a whisper of a presence. Could it be her gem is enchanted just as my Crystal? Perhaps if I try channeling into it...

~~Mynos the Dragon


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