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Monday, January 15, 2007

Interview with Mynos the Dragon

RG: Good evening, Mynos. Thank you for taking the time to sit down with us and chat.

M: Good eve, Daughter. It is my pleasure.

RG: Can you tell us a little about yourself?

M: What is it you’d like to know?

RG: Well, let’s start by asking how old are you?

M: **ponders** In my estimation, approximately four thousand years old.

RG: Wow, four thousand?

M: Indeed. However, I don’t look a day over two.

RG: **smiles** How’s that?

M: Ah that, Daughter, is something your readers must figure out on their own.

RG: Fair enough. I notice you are a gold dragon. Yet you are here with me in human form. How is that possible?

M: All dragons can shapeshift, Daughter. In fact, I can become any creature I can imagine. However, I have found that my true form and that of a human is all I have needed thus far. And yet, even my powerful magics cannot hide my true identity.

RG: Yes, I can see it from here. Your eyes aren’t normal . . . your pupils are slitted, not round. Like a cat’s eye.

M: Yes. And my golden hair shimmers in the light with all the colors of the rainbow, much like my scales when I’m in my true form.

RG: Let’s talk about Malnan for a moment. I know it’s a painful subject for you. Do you mind?

M: **sighs** Not at all, Daughter. I am not offended by questions of my mate. We must celebrate her life. She was a beautiful green dragon, the most stunning dragon I’d ever laid my eyes upon. I had my pick of any dragon maiden for my mate long ago, and I chose her, much to the shock of my brethren. Her magics weren’t too strong, and my peers believed I would have picked a mate with stronger abilities. But I wasn’t looking for power. I fell in love. Once we were bound as mates, not a single dragon mentioned it again. They respected my decision.

RG: Malnan was pregnant, was she not, when . . . ?

M: Yes.

RG: **clears throat** OK, well, let’s move on. Tell us about the kingdom of Lyndaria.

M: Lyndaria is a wondrous place. There are two large mountain ranges. One is the King’s Mountains to the west, and the Mountains of the Night, to the east.

RG: Named so after their pitch black soil, am I correct?

M: Yes. The sand of the mountains is black.

RG: Yet I’ve heard it said that those mountains were renamed the Dragon’s Death Mountains.

M: **raises brow** Indeed.

RG: **coughing uncomfortably** Yes, well, what can you tell us of Castle Templestone?

M: The castle is a fortress, built on the very top of sheer cliffs that rise up from the coast of the Silver Sea. It was built on the foundations of an old temple, built to honor me, about three thousand years ago. But the temple soon fell to ruin. It was King Timothy himself, the first true king of Lyndaria, the man who united the Four Realms, who decided to build his castle there, befriending me in the process. The first stone he laid as the cornerstone of his castle was a stone from the ruined temple. In fact, that stone resides now in the wall of the fortress’s chapel. That is how the castle obtained its name.

RG: What are the “Four Realms”, exactly?

M: The Four Realms of Lyndaria is simply north, south, east, and west. Each realm used to be ruled separately, by different rulers, however King Timothy, when he ascended the throne, actually had blood from all four realms flowing in his veins. The people wanted unity, and thus the rulers of these realms swore fealty to him, and Lyndaria became one united empire.

RG: Can you tell us about your Crystal?

M: It is a talisman that bonds itself to the person wielding it. It magnifies a person’s own magical ability and makes them hundreds of times stronger than they would be on their own.

RG: Wow, that sounds powerful.

M: It is indeed, Daughter. I created it as a tool, to teach people of magic and learn of the dragons.

RG: How did you create it?

M: I consecrated the body of my slain sister, Estriel.

RG: Consecrated?

M: Yes. I magically concentrated all of her magic and essence down into a gem, what happens when any dragon’s body is consecrated. Depending on the color of the dragon, that is the color of the gem their bodies create. Estriel was a beautiful silver dragon, and thus, she became my Crystal.

RG: So blue dragons would become sapphires and greens would become emeralds?

M: **nodding** Indeed, Daughter.

RG: What kind of gem would you make, Mynos?

M: **smiles wryly** I do not know. I am not yet dead.

RG: True enough. Can you tell us of the Isle of Dragons?

M: That is the birthplace of all dragonkind.

RG: And it is somewhere in the Silver Sea?

M: Yes.

RG: Can anyone go there?

M: Anyone can, however, only dragons can find it. The Isle is hidden from mortals by magic. They can only find it if they are accompanied by a dragon.

RG: So all your females go there to lay their eggs?

M: Yes. There were some dragons who questioned the old traditions of making the journey out there. But I do not personally know of any dragon who did not lay their eggs on the Isle.

RG: Is there a reason for it?

M: Dragonlore, nothing more, Daughter. We believe that the island is the birthplace to the Father of Dragons, the very first one of our kind to fly in the sky. So to hatch our young wyrmlings there is honoring him.

RG: **nods** That’s fascinating. Mynos, I’d like to thank you once again for talking with us, and letting us get to know you a little better. I’m looking forward to the release of the first novel in The Legends of Mynos on February 13th, and I know you are as well.

M: Yes, Daughter, very much so. And the prequel to the series is already available for download.

RG: To learn more about Mynos and the kingdom in which he lives, don’t miss The Legends of Mynos, the newest, epic, fantasy romance series to be published by Samhain Publishing. The prequel to this trilogy, THE CRYSTAL OF MYNOS, is a Free Read and can be downloaded at:



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