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Monday, November 06, 2006

History of Lyndaria ~ Estriel the Dragon

Historical Character Profile: Estriel the Dragon

Color: Silver

Status: Deceased

Brother: Mynos

Age: Unknown

Temperment: Benevolant

Talisman: The Crystal of Mynos


The story of Estriel the Dragon is a tragic one. She was Mynos's sister, as silver as he is gold. Estriel was always intrigued by the humans living around her. It is known far and wide that dragons have the ability to shape shift, and Mynos's sister chose to live in her human state moreso than her draconic state. As a shifted human, she had silver-toned skin, silver hair, and silver eyes, with slits, much like a cat's eye.

She fell in love with a human. History does not remember his name. But Estriel loved him desperately. So much so, that she was willing to help him in his quest to become more like a dragon himself. He was a magic user, even a powerful one, but a human magic user is no match for a dragon. He did not love Estriel as she loved him; he merely used her for his own gain, lying with her in her human form, believing the act of copulation would give him draconic traits. It did not.

The man became bitter, and no matter what Estriel did or said, he resented her. One night, while she was sleeping, he stabbed her with a magical daggar, knowing only a magical weapon can fell a dragon. His insanity and desire for something he couldn't have made him hate Estriel with a passion, and thus he killed her.

Estriel could have fought back, but she chose not to. She still loved him, after all. When her brother Mynos found her, Estriel's lifeblood covered the ground. The man who stabbed her had disappeared. The silver dragon pleaded with her brother to consecrate her body upon her death, a fate every dragon dreams of. She also pleaded with him that he wouldn't harm her lover.

With a heavy heart, Mynos agreed. Once Estriel had passed, he consecrated her body with his magic, and thus the Crystal of Mynos was born. Upon consecration, a dragon's body becomes a glowing, magical gem to be enchanted as the creator sees fit.

However once Estriel was gone, Mynos forgot his promise not to harm her lover. It is said he tracked that man for days, and once he found him, tortured him with magics beyond comprehension. Mynos is not evil, but he does desire justice, and justice was served the day Mynos caught his sister's murderer.

The essence of Estriel lives on within the depths of the Crystal of Mynos, which is why it is sentient to a point. However the soul of the dragon has drifted into the afterlife. More than any other talisman, the Crystal of Mynos has been sought after by magic users to learn of it's secrets; even to the point of stealing it. At times, Mynos regrets consecrating his sister's body, but he cannot help but be comforted by the fact that Estriel lives on, even if only in part.

Quote of Note:

"Have mercy, Mynos. Please. Do not harm him." ~~Estriel the Dragon


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