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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Character Profile ~ Sir Sebastian of Tabrinth

Character Profile: Sir Sebastian of Tabrinth

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Status: A Knight from the Order of the Wolverine

Age: 21

Sword: Fleetfire (enchanted by the Crystal of Mynos)


Sir Sebastian of Tabrinth may be young, but he is not lacking in maturity. Trained as a knight by Sir Cederick of Breckenwood, the young Wolverine has the entire world before him. He is formidable indeed with his sword, besting many of the older knights in the king's service. Many believe Sir Sebastian is destined for greatness, but he does not have such lofty ideals. Sebastian merely wishes to be the best Wolverine he can be, like his grandfather before him.

Sebastian's hometown of Tabrinth is on the northern border of Lyndaria. His grandfather, Sir Owen of Tabrinth was a legendary knight. Sebastian grew up hearing many a wonderous tale about his grandfather's excapades, and there was nothing he'd rather do than follow in his footsteps. His father had no such inclinations, and chose instead to become a merchant within their hometown. But the sword of Sebastian's grandfather, Firefury, used to speak to him when he was a child, and he knew it would one day be his.

Many women have fawned over Sir Sebastian, and he hasn't turned them away. Indeed, he enjoys the attention. Not only is he a great swordsman, he is also extremely handsome, making Sir Sebastian one of the most sought after Wolverines in the king's court. However, being so young, he knows he is not ready to settle down with a wife and family, and therefore finds enjoyment in accepting the favors of women with no strings attached.

Sir Sebastian is one of Sir Geoffrey of Emberdale's closest friends. They are similar in age, with Sir Geoffrey only a few years his senior at 25. Frequently they can be found together within the bailey of Castle Templestone practicing their swordplay. Sir Geoffrey is perhaps the only Wolverine in the king's service who can best Sebastian in a fair fight. With Geoffrey being the youngest Wolverine to hold the title of the King's Best, that is to be expected.

But it has only made Sebastian more determined to become one of the King's Best as well. He is fast on his way.

Quote of Note:

“We shall fight! The castle will not fall today.” ~~Sir Sebastian of Tabrinth


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