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Monday, August 14, 2006

Character Profile ~ Mynos the Dragon

Character Profile: Mynos the Dragon

Color: Gold

Status: Last living dragon of Lyndaria

Mate: Malnan

Age: Unknown

Temperment: Benevolant

Talisman: The Crystal of Mynos


Once thought to be the most powerful, living dragon, the name of Mynos descended into obscurity after the great war for his Crystal millenia ago. Every dragon, young and old, including his mate, Malnan, was killed during this war, prompting the renaming of the mountain range where the battle took place from the "Mountains of the Night" to the "Dragon's Death Mountains". The black soil of these mountains has long been rumored to be the last testament of the dragons, a reminder of their scorching, magical breath.

As myth has recorded, Mynos himself was not harmed during this war, due to an enchantment placed upon his Crystal. The talisman, supposedly, can never be used to harm its creator, and thus Mynos's very life was saved. There are whisperings that the mighty Mynos, unable to stand the pain of loneliness, turned himself to stone, to forever guard his lair within the rocky cliffs below Castle Templestone. But these rumors have never been verified, as no one but the kings of Lyndaria know where the secret door to his lair resides within the castle walls.

Many have even denounced that dragons ever existed, choosing instead to believe that they were always the stuff of legend and myth. But the legend of Mynos is by far the most well-known and well documented myth of them all. Perhaps one day, he will awaken from his stony sleep and prove to the world that once, long ago, the proud dragons did, in fact, fly the skies of Lyndaria.


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