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Friday, August 18, 2006

Mynos and his Crystal

Quote of Note:

“My Crystal has bonded itself to her. She is the only one who can wield it. Its powers are useless to anyone else.” --Mynos the Dragon

Mynos created his Crystal millenia ago. It bonds to its master, making the Crystal inert to anyone else who touches it. However Mynos himself placed upon the Crystal a powerful enchantment. Hundreds of years in the past, a man stole the Crystal from Castle Templestone and succeeded in killing the entire population of dragonkind--all but Mynos.

Because his mate Malnan was also killed in this battle, Mynos decided then and there that no man would ever again be able to touch the Crystal and survive. The Crystal would remember Malnan's death, and exact its revenge upon any man who dared lay their hands on it again.

Therefore, Mynos's powerful talisman can only be touched by the hand of a woman.

However, due to the powerful, magical force within the Crystal, only the hand of a woman with magical ability can touch it without her fragile mind being cracked like an egg. Mynos created his talisman with the purpose to be a tool for teaching magic. It does not give the wielder of its power more powers, but amplifies the powers they already have, making them hundreds of times more powerful.

Because of this special ability, the Crystal of Mynos has been sought throughout the ages by people who are hungry for power. After the war that killed Mynos's mate, he decided he'd had enough. It is whispered Mynos hid the Crystal where no one could find it before he turned himself to stone to escape the pain of lonliness.

Rumors still circulate that the Crystal exists, and there have been many expeditions to find it, yet none have been successful. If such a powerful talisman does indeed exist, perhaps it's better for all of us if it is never found.


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