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Monday, August 28, 2006

Character Profile ~ Sir Geoffrey of Emberdale

Character Profile: Sir Geoffrey of Emberdale

Hair Color: Sandy Blond

Eye Color: Blue

Status: A Knight from the Order of the Wolverine

Age: 25

Sword: Flameblade (enchanted by the Crystal of Mynos)


Sir Geoffrey of Emberdale is a knight from the Order of the Wolverine, knights sworn to protect their king and country. Each Wolverine has a family heritage in the knighthood, as their swords are passed down from father to son, or from grandfather to grandson.

Flameblade, Sir Geoffrey's enchanted sword, was once wielded by his father, Sir Connor of Emberdale. This sword, along with every single sword of the Wolverines, has been enchanted by the Crystal of Mynos. Just as the Crystal enhances the magical ability of its wielder, so too do the swords of the Wolverines enhance the knight's swordfighting ability. The swords are also sentient to a point, able to converse with their masters if they so choose.

Sir Geoffrey's father, Sir Connor of Emberdale, died when Geoffrey was only five years old. Geoffrey has always blamed himself, as Sir Connor was looking for him in a driving rainstorm. He did not see the deep ravine until it was too late. For this reason, Sir Geoffrey decided to follow in his father's footsteps, practicing with Flameblade since the very day he was strong enough to pick up the sword.

Geoffrey is 25 years old, and the youngest Wolverine to hold the title of the King's Best. King Brennan frequently sends Geoffrey on his missions, as he knows Sir Geoffrey will bring results.

It is often when Geoffrey is idle, resting from the day's work, when a strange scent comes to him. It is soft and feminine and he cannot seem to place it. His dreams are also plagued with the image of a beautiful young girl with auburn hair--one he has never met. Is she real? Or a figment of his imagination?

More than once, Sir Geoffrey has wished she was a real woman, one he could start a family with. But he knows better than to put his hopes on a dream.

Quote of Note:

“Take one last look at your home, sweet lady. The only place you’re safe now is with me.” ~~Sir Geoffrey of Emberdale


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