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Monday, August 21, 2006

Character Profile ~ Malnan the Dragon

Character Profile: Malnan the Dragon

Color: Green

Status: Deceased

Mate: Mynos

Age: Unknown

Temperment: Benevolant

Talisman: Malnan's Jewel


Malnan the dragon was killed in the original war for the Crystal of Mynos millenia ago. Mynos himself witnessed her death. It is said that she was pregnant with two eggs, ready to lay them on the Isle of Dragons, the birthplace of dragonkind. However, she never got the chance.

Myth has recorded that she defied her mate and followed him to the battlefield, despite being told to return to the Isle where it was safe. If she had heeded his warning, the proud dragons might have had another chance to repopulate the skies. But with her death, the hope of rebuilding dragonkind died as well.

Before her demise, Malnan created a talisman; a tear-shaped lavender jewel. This gem is known as "Malnan's Jewel".

However, the gem has not been seen since Malnan's death, leaving some to wonder if it truly exists. The power of this talisman is unknown.

Quote of Note:

"I want to help you, Mynos!" ~~Malnan the Dragon


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