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Monday, September 04, 2006

Character Profile ~ Arianna of Stollinshire

Character Profile: Arianna of Stollinshire

Hair Color: Auburn

Eye Color: Hazel

Status: Daughter of a corn farmer

Age: 19


Arianna of Stollinshire resents her father. She has seen nineteen summers, an acceptable age for marriage, and yet her father refuses her to meet anyone who might become her future husband. She feels stifled, as if she needs to take her life into her own hands.

She and her cousin Meiri often lay underneath the branches of an old oak on a hill overlooking her father's farm. They both daydream of romantic adventures and what life must be like at Castle Templestone far beyond the King's Mountains. However Arianna knows that even if the Crown Prince of Lyndaria himself showed up on her doorstep, her father would still not let him court her.

But behind her father's back, Arianna has traveled to Stollinshire, the closest village to her farm. She believes it's there she'll meet the man she will one day marry. But what she finds in Stollinshire is far more than she ever dreamed. A mysterious man in a dark red cloak has asked her to take a scroll and hide it safely. Strange feelings of familiarity overcome her, but she knows she's never met the man before in her life.

It's only when she sees, for a brief moment, the glimpse of a sword of the Wolverines underneath his cloak that she agrees to help him. But who is he hiding from? Why is this scroll so important?

And is there more to Arianna's father than even she knows?

Quote of Note:

ā€œIā€™m just so impatient, Meiri. I want my life to begin. I want to explore the world and do things that I would never dream that I would do.ā€ ~~Arianna of Stollinshire


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