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Monday, October 09, 2006

Character Profile ~ Sir Duncan of Marynville

Character Profile: Sir Duncan of Marynville

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Green

Status: A Knight from the Order of the Wolverine

Age: 19

Sword: Swiftgleam (enchanted by the Crystal of Mynos)


Sir Duncan of Marynville is one of the youngest Wolverines in the king's court. He trained under Sir Quinn of Breckenwood, but has yet to see battle. He is most eager to learn swordplay, but when the time comes for him to actually fight, he dreads the day. Sir Duncan doesn't know if he has what it takes to be a true Wolverine. But he's determined not to let his family down. Just like Sir Sebastian of Tabrinth, his grandfather before him was a Wolverine. His sword, Swiftgleam, once belonged to Sir Barak of Marynville.

Duncan decided at a young age to become a Wolverine, as all he used to do was stare at the castle off in the distance and dream of adventure. Unbeknownst to his family, he used to 'play' with Swiftgleam, pretending to be a knight. It wasn't until the weapon spoke to him one day, convincing him that he was its new master, that Sir Duncan took his own dream seriously.

With his bright red hair and expressive green eyes, Sir Duncan is quite the catch at Castle Templestone. However, for a boy who is painfully shy, he rarely has any luck with women. There is one woman, however, Lady Arlington, who has taken quite the liking to Sir Duncan, despite the fact that she is many years his senior. He doesn't talk about their torrid affair, even to his closest friends, but he does blush a deep crimson whenever Lady Arlington is brought up in casual conversation.

Sir Duncan has a twin sister, Meghan of Marynville. She still lives with their parents in the city they both grew up in, the closest city to Castle Templestone. Meghan also has the same flaming red hair and green eyes as her brother and is considered quite a beauty in their hometown.

Quote of Note:

"Samantha told me that Arianna cried and said that she loved you, but that you didn't love her back. She mentioned that you had done your duty ... or something like that, and now you wanted nothing to do with her. At least that's what Samantha says, but she's known to gossip ..." ~~Sir Duncan of Marynville


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