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Monday, October 16, 2006

Character Profile ~ Queen Darragh

Character Profile: Queen Darragh

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Blue/black

Status: Queen of the Dark Knights

Age: Unknown

Home: Shadow Mountain


Queen Darragh is not a true queen at all. She does not have a country to rule, but she does have subjects. She rules over her Dark Knights, an army of men who have sworn loyalty to her. She has taught some of them how to wield magic, those with elven blood in their veins.

She does not rule by fear or hatred, but rather by seduction. Every one of her loyal knights lusts for her in one way or another. It is unknown if this feeling she produces in men is due to her beauty or a magical spell. The latter is most likely. It is because of this ability that her knights are fiercely loyal, blinded only to one purpose--to make Darragh their own. She has even bedded a few of them for her own pleasure and to make sure her influence remains strong. Therefore, the Dark Knights of Darragh will do anything she bids them to do.

Darragh lives on Shadow Mountain, a large, black crag in the Dragon’s Death Mountains. An abandoned fortress became her home shortly before she began teaching her subjects the forbidden magic of brainwashing. She taught them this ability to grow her armies beyond the Dark Knights, and to assimilate the population of Lyndaria to her cause.

Queen Darragh desperately wants to find the Crystal of Mynos in order to rule Lyndaria herself. She has her eyes on Castle Templestone and will not stop until King Brennan is dead and his crown is hers. It is unclear where she came from, but it is clear that she must be stopped. By any means possible.

Quote of Note:

“I am planning an attack on the city of Breckenwood. I have allowed that information to leak to the king in the hopes that he will send most of his troops to stave off the attack. I will be sending you reinforcements within the next few days and with the Wolverines gone, we will attack Castle Templestone.” ~~Queen Darragh


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