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Monday, October 23, 2006

Character Profile ~ Sir Kennett of Darragh

Character Profile: Sir Kennett of Darragh

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Grey

Status: General of the Dark Knights

Age: 41

Home: Shadow Mountain


Sir Kennett is a Dark Knight, a loyal subject of Queen Darragh. He was hand-chosen by the queen to be one of the men to infiltrate the castle and steal a valuable scroll from the very lair of Mynos himself. Sir Kennett and his men were successful, until King Brennan realized what had been done. The king sent three of his own elite Wolverines, Sir Geoffrey, Sir Sebastian, and Sir Cederick, to hunt down the Dark Knights and take back what rightfully belonged to the Ruler of the Four Realms.

Sir Kennett is responsible for the death of Arianna of Stollinshire's family. He knew she'd been hiding the scroll for one of the king's Wolverines, and therefore killed every person in his wake. However he did not succeed in killing Arianna before she fled, but that didn't stop him from pursuing her to finish the job.

Sir Kennett is one of Queen Darragh's favorite subjects. He is not Captain of the Guard at Shadow Mountain, however, he is a general in Her Majesty's army. Darragh plans to lay siege to Castle Templestone, and it will be Sir Kennett who will lead the Dark Knights to victory. He burns with lust for his queen, desperate to make her his own. She has allowed him to taste of her a handful of times, but has never sworn to love only him. He will not rest until she is screaming his name.

It is unknown how Sir Kennett came to be a Dark Knight, but it is assumed that if Queen Darragh is using her brainwashing magic on half the countryside of Lyndaria, she also used her power upon the men she now leads in her army. But her Dark Knights have been so twisted by her magic, it is unknown if these men can ever live a sane, normal life should her spell ever be broken.

Quote of Note:

“In the name of Darragh, Castle Templestone will fall today! We shall be victorious!” ~~Sir Kennett of Darragh


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