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Monday, October 30, 2006

Character Profile ~ Rowan of the Elves

Character Profile: Rowan of the Elves

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Light Green

Status: Escort to King Kaas and Queen Loara of the Elves

Age: Unknown

Home: Elven Kingdom


Rowan is the royal escort to the king and queen of the elves. His job is to accompany them whenever they leave their realm, and announce their arrival. He is also responsible for arranging meetings between the elves and the monarch of Lyndaria, among others.

He is the nephew of King Kaas himself--the son of Princess Kendra of the elves and Sir Darryn of Winterborne, a human Wolverine. Therefore, Rowan is a half-elf. Rowan was unable to make his way in the human world due to his distinctly elven features, however, the elves didn't take kindly to his return either, due to the hard feelings toward Kendra after she abducated her throne to her brother Kaas for the love of a mere human.

But the elves dare not defy their king. Kaas welcomed Rowan with open arms, and therefore, Rowan is now an important member of the royal entourage. Over the years, he has earned the respect of the elven people for also being a general in the Army of Magi. Rowan's magic is strong, and even the most seasoned mages do not wish to cross him.

Because of his royal blood, Rowan is technically a prince, however he is not addressed as such. He does not have a direct line to the elven throne, nor does he wish to rule the elves. The title of "prince" is more a courtesy than anything else, and is only used on the most important of documents.

Due to his human blood, he does not have as long a lifespan as a full elf. However, no one truly knows Rowan's age.

Quote of Note:
"You have magic inside you, Arianna. I have felt it and Mynos has felt it. Once you learn to use the Crystal, you will be very powerful indeed." ~~Rowan of the Elves


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