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Monday, November 27, 2006

History of Lyndaria ~ King Benjamin

Character Profile: King Benjamin of Lyndaria

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Hazel

Status: Sovereign of the Four Realms

Sword: Brightflame

Age: 23


Sir Benjamin of Stollinshire, a Wolverine knight under King Timothy, was chosen by Mynos the dragon as Timothy's successor once the sovereign had died. Sir Benjamin had been almost like a son to the old king, reminding him of his deceased son, Prince Ormond. The boy's heart was good and just--exactly what the kingdom of Lyndaria needed.

It had taken the newly-crowned King Benjamin some time to adjust to his new royal status. He'd always been nothing more than a mere Wolverine, and often you could find him in the king's study with his sword, Brightflame, around his waist. He was never one to shy away from adversity, but meet it head on--from the battlements of Castle Templestone if he had to.

This quality about him made King Benjamin much beloved by his subjects and fellow Wolverines. The current kings of Lyndaria have all been descended from Benjamin, including King Brennan himself. It is said King Benjamin had been a good friend of the dragon Mynos and was saddened when Mynos decided to leave Lyndaria after the war for his Crystal decimated dragonkind. But the dragon assured the king he would come back if ever Lyndaria needed him again.

Because he loved the golden dragon, Benjamin vowed his people would never turn their backs on the memory of the majestic dragons that had once flown in the skies of Lyndaria. He erected a few monuments in their honor, even going so far as to make sure every family in the kingdom knew the story of Mynos and the war for his Crystal. However, now that many centuries have passed, these stories have descended into nothing more than myth, as no one in Lyndaria believes dragons truly existed.

King Benjamin lived a long, happy life, and it is whispered his final words were, "Never forget."

Quote of Note:

“You will not be forgotten, Mynos. I will see to that.” ~~King Benjamin of Lyndaria


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