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Monday, November 20, 2006

History of Lyndaria ~ Sir Vincent of Westchester

Character Profile: Sir Vincent of Westchester

Hair Color: Auburn

Eye Color: Light Brown

Status: A Knight from the Order of the Wolverine

Age: 29

Sword: Flashblaze (enchanted by the Crystal of Mynos)


Sir Vincent of Westchester is the only knight in the Order of the Wolverine to betray his king. Lured by the promise of power and wealth by the dragon Iruindyll, Sir Vincent stole the Crystal of Mynos from Castle Templestone, knowing full well King Timothy would die without it's magical aura. No one had dared steal the Crystal before, therefore there was no security surrounding it. Sir Vincent merely strode out of the castle with the talisman in his pocket.

It wasn't long after, however, the dragon Mynos realized what had been done when a magical shockwave struck him so hard, he fell from the sky. His Crystal was screaming.

It is unknown how Sir Vincent rallied an entire army of mages to fight Mynos and the rest of dragonkind. But the battle which ensued was unlike any other battle Lyndaria has ever known. Every single magic user in Sir Vincent's army had learned how to harness their powers through the Crystal all at once, and the magic they wielded was unfathomable. Since the Crystal of Mynos amplifies a user's magical ability, having the entire army channeling through it made them near invincible.

The entire population of Lyndaria's dragons died that day in the Mountains of the Night--all but Mynos. Not even his mate Malnan had been spared. Sir Vincent had forgotton one simple fact--due to an enchantment placed upon it, the Crystal can never be used to harm it's creator. Mynos was the only dragon who shrugged off the army's attempts to bring him down.

Many have speculated as to what truly happened on the battlefield that day, as Mynos has never spoken of it. But there is one thing we do know for certain. The dragon returned to Castle Templestone with his Crystal--alone.

Sir Vincent did not return.

The Mountains of the Night were renamed the Dragon's Death Mountains due to this bloody battle, the coal-black soil a seeming testament to the majestic dragons who once flew the skies of Lyndaria. Since this catastrophe occurred, it is whispered Mynos enchanted his Crystal once again, so only the hand of a woman could touch it and live. The Crystal would remember Sir Vincent's treachery and exact its revenge upon any man who dared lay their hand upon it.

Sir Vincent's enchanted sword was never recovered, and there have been no Wolverines in the king's service from Westchester ever since.

Quote of Note:

"No. Please. Mynos, I beg of you, have mercy!" ~~Sir Vincent of Westchester


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