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Monday, January 29, 2007

Arianna's Lament

No matter how much I wish it to be otherwise, Sir Geoffrey of Emberdale does not love me. He sees me as nothing more than a sister, protecting me from the threat of the Dark Knights and bringing me to Castle Templestone, my new home.

I'm alone in this world. My family was brutally killed and I don't even know why. Before I even knew what happened, I was swept into this adventure. I know Geoffrey will never return my affections, but I can still remember his heated kiss, given to me on the streets of Stollinshire.

I do not know why he did it, perhaps to hide his face as the Dark Knights rushed past the alley he'd dragged me into. But his mouth was warm on mine, kissing me into oblivion, demanding my participation with his tongue. You can imagine the shock I felt at the time! However, kissing him felt so right, so natural. I don't know how to explain it. It's as if I've known Sir Geoffrey for all my life, but I'd never met him before that fateful day in the village.

I thought, perhaps, he would come to care for me as I care for him. Many nights I dream about that kiss, and about what it would be like to spend the night in Geoffrey's arms. I'm trembling even now at the thought. But no matter how many smiles I send his way or how many times I touch him, whether on purpose or on accident, he seems unaffected.

Will I find a man to love me? I feel so cold. So alone. I don't want any other man. I want Sir Geoffrey of Emberdale. But he does not want me.

~~Arianna of Stollinshire


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