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Monday, January 22, 2007


I've decided to regail you with an excerpt today from my book THE WOLVERINE AND THE ROSE, coming February 13th, 2007 to Samhain Publishing. This excerpt might be different in the final, edited version. Enjoy!


Arianna had stripped her hands of the oppressive white gloves and pulled her hair down from the emerald pins. Geoffrey turned to look at her and audibly sucked in his breath. Her auburn hair fell around her shoulders in a mass of unruly curls. Picking up the brush from the small table, she attempted to brush them out.

"No!" Geoffrey suddenly yelped, surprising her. He appeared surprised himself. "Don’t. Leave it."

Setting the brush down, Arianna smiled at him. "All right."

Slowly, like a predator tracking its prey, Geoffrey crossed the room until he was in front of her. Without a word, he lifted a hand to her face and caressed her cheek. His hand made its way through her riotous curls.

"So soft," he whispered.

Arianna put her hand on his arm as much for support as anything else. Her heart raced. She didn't know what he intended to do, but it only excited her more.

As if unable to hold back any longer, Geoffrey lowered his head and kissed her bare shoulders, sending shivers down her spine. He kissed his way to her neck where he softly nuzzled her beating pulse, burning her skin with his tongue.

Arianna's body trembled and she knew she wouldn't be able to stand for too much longer. But Geoffrey didn't stop his assault on her senses. Butterflies flew wildly in her stomach when his mouth trailed underneath her jaw.

"Arianna," he whispered between kisses, his breath burning her skin. "Tell me to stop. Push me away." He kissed her cheek and gazed into her eyes. Leaning his forehead against hers, he said, "I can't stop."

"Then don't," she whispered. Framing his face in both of her hands, Arianna kissed his mouth with a slow determination. Geoffrey's arms enfolded her, warming her from the sudden chill she felt. She let out a small cry of surprise when he darted his tongue into her mouth, but it was exquisite in its silken softness. She tentatively answered him with her own.

Arianna slowly curled her arms around his neck, never wanting his kiss to end. The man was melting her in his very arms. His hand began weaving itself in her hair, as if to pull her closer.

At one point, he pulled away from her, staring into her eyes with a pleading look.

"Geoffrey?" she whispered, stroking his hair away from his face.

"Damn," he mumbled before lowering his head once again.


THE WOLVERINE AND THE ROSE, Coming February 13, 2007 to http://www.SamhainPublishing.com!



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