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Monday, February 12, 2007

The Wolverine and the Rose, 2-13-07

Tomorrow, February 13th, fall in love, live the magic, and soar with an ancient golden dragon...

THE WOLVERINE AND THE ROSE, Book I in the Legends of Mynos, is almost here. You do NOT want to miss this ride!

She's in danger from mysterious dark knights, she's discovering magic she never knew existed, and she's falling head over heels in love.

One night destroys Arianna's home, wipes out her family and flings her into a world turned upside down.

He's only kissed her once, but Arianna feels as if she's always known Sir Geoffrey, the Wolverine knight who saves her life. She can hear his thoughts, feel his memories. One kiss, and they're trapped in a bond they didn't choose and cannot break.

Their world's in terrible danger, their only hope the fabled crystal of the dragon, Mynos. However only a woman can touch the Crystal and survive...



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