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Monday, November 27, 2006

History of Lyndaria ~ King Benjamin

Character Profile: King Benjamin of Lyndaria

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Hazel

Status: Sovereign of the Four Realms

Sword: Brightflame

Age: 23


Sir Benjamin of Stollinshire, a Wolverine knight under King Timothy, was chosen by Mynos the dragon as Timothy's successor once the sovereign had died. Sir Benjamin had been almost like a son to the old king, reminding him of his deceased son, Prince Ormond. The boy's heart was good and just--exactly what the kingdom of Lyndaria needed.

It had taken the newly-crowned King Benjamin some time to adjust to his new royal status. He'd always been nothing more than a mere Wolverine, and often you could find him in the king's study with his sword, Brightflame, around his waist. He was never one to shy away from adversity, but meet it head on--from the battlements of Castle Templestone if he had to.

This quality about him made King Benjamin much beloved by his subjects and fellow Wolverines. The current kings of Lyndaria have all been descended from Benjamin, including King Brennan himself. It is said King Benjamin had been a good friend of the dragon Mynos and was saddened when Mynos decided to leave Lyndaria after the war for his Crystal decimated dragonkind. But the dragon assured the king he would come back if ever Lyndaria needed him again.

Because he loved the golden dragon, Benjamin vowed his people would never turn their backs on the memory of the majestic dragons that had once flown in the skies of Lyndaria. He erected a few monuments in their honor, even going so far as to make sure every family in the kingdom knew the story of Mynos and the war for his Crystal. However, now that many centuries have passed, these stories have descended into nothing more than myth, as no one in Lyndaria believes dragons truly existed.

King Benjamin lived a long, happy life, and it is whispered his final words were, "Never forget."

Quote of Note:

“You will not be forgotten, Mynos. I will see to that.” ~~King Benjamin of Lyndaria

Monday, November 20, 2006

History of Lyndaria ~ Sir Vincent of Westchester

Character Profile: Sir Vincent of Westchester

Hair Color: Auburn

Eye Color: Light Brown

Status: A Knight from the Order of the Wolverine

Age: 29

Sword: Flashblaze (enchanted by the Crystal of Mynos)


Sir Vincent of Westchester is the only knight in the Order of the Wolverine to betray his king. Lured by the promise of power and wealth by the dragon Iruindyll, Sir Vincent stole the Crystal of Mynos from Castle Templestone, knowing full well King Timothy would die without it's magical aura. No one had dared steal the Crystal before, therefore there was no security surrounding it. Sir Vincent merely strode out of the castle with the talisman in his pocket.

It wasn't long after, however, the dragon Mynos realized what had been done when a magical shockwave struck him so hard, he fell from the sky. His Crystal was screaming.

It is unknown how Sir Vincent rallied an entire army of mages to fight Mynos and the rest of dragonkind. But the battle which ensued was unlike any other battle Lyndaria has ever known. Every single magic user in Sir Vincent's army had learned how to harness their powers through the Crystal all at once, and the magic they wielded was unfathomable. Since the Crystal of Mynos amplifies a user's magical ability, having the entire army channeling through it made them near invincible.

The entire population of Lyndaria's dragons died that day in the Mountains of the Night--all but Mynos. Not even his mate Malnan had been spared. Sir Vincent had forgotton one simple fact--due to an enchantment placed upon it, the Crystal can never be used to harm it's creator. Mynos was the only dragon who shrugged off the army's attempts to bring him down.

Many have speculated as to what truly happened on the battlefield that day, as Mynos has never spoken of it. But there is one thing we do know for certain. The dragon returned to Castle Templestone with his Crystal--alone.

Sir Vincent did not return.

The Mountains of the Night were renamed the Dragon's Death Mountains due to this bloody battle, the coal-black soil a seeming testament to the majestic dragons who once flew the skies of Lyndaria. Since this catastrophe occurred, it is whispered Mynos enchanted his Crystal once again, so only the hand of a woman could touch it and live. The Crystal would remember Sir Vincent's treachery and exact its revenge upon any man who dared lay their hand upon it.

Sir Vincent's enchanted sword was never recovered, and there have been no Wolverines in the king's service from Westchester ever since.

Quote of Note:

"No. Please. Mynos, I beg of you, have mercy!" ~~Sir Vincent of Westchester

Monday, November 13, 2006

History of Lyndaria ~ King Timothy

Character Profile: King Timothy of Lyndaria

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Status: Sovereign of the Four Realms

Family: Wife ~ Queen Nisselle (deceased); Son ~ Prince Ormond (deceased); Daughter ~ Princess Rianna (deceased)

Age: 257


King Timothy accomplished much in his two-hundred-year reign over Lyndaria. The dragon Mynos gave the king his magical Crystal, which prolonged the monarch's life well beyond the normal years of a man. Unfortunately, Timothy watched as his entire family lived, grew old, and died--all while he'd ceased to age.

When King Timothy was first crowned, Lyndaria had four rulers, one for each realm, north, south, east, and west. His vision was to see one united country, under one banner and one king. In order to do this, he needed to unite the realms. At the behest of Mynos, the king knighted an elite band of men, the Wolverines, to go into these realms and negotiate a union. The Wolverines had their swords enchanted by the Crystal of Mynos, to ensure King Timothy's men would be a formidable force indeed. Just as the Crystal speaks to it's wielder, so too do the swords of the Wolverines speak to their masters. And just as the Crystal enhances the magical ability of it's user, the weapons of the knights do the same, magnifying their sword fighting ability to be much stronger and faster than a man with a mundane sword.

This served two purposes; intimidation and protection. King Timothy was a noble and just ruler, however once the sovereigns of the realms bent to his vision of unification and swore fealty to him, there were a few attempts on his life. However three factors ultimately protected him. The swords of the Wolverines, the Crystal of Mynos, and Mynos himself.

Timothy ordered coins to be minted for the new united kingdom of Lyndaria, embossing them with the face of his wife, Queen Nisselle, as a last testament of his love for her. Since their circulation, these coins are now known as gold ladies, silver ladies, and copper ladies.

It wasn't until the Crystal of Mynos was stolen from the castle that a viable attempt on King Timothy's life could be realized. The Crystal was the only thing sustaining his life, and with it's absence, the sovereign began to age rapidly. It wasn't long before the years of his life caught up to him, and King Timothy perished of extreme old age.

However he died without an heir, as he'd outlived all of his progeny.

Trusting the dragon to crown the king's choice as successor, the people of Lyndaria rejoiced when Sir Benjamin of Stollinshire, a Wolverine knight, was crowned as the new Ruler of the Four Realms. King Brennan himself is descended from King Benjamin.

Ever since Timothy established the Wolverines, they have survived throughout the centuries, passing their enchanted swords down through the families, from father to son or from grandfather to grandson. King Timothy is still regarded as the most beloved king of Lyndaria, even centuries after his death.

Quote of Note:

"You know as well as I that I am dying. Even now I can feel my body wasting away. I have had a good, long life, Mynos. I am ready for death." ~~King Timothy

Monday, November 06, 2006

History of Lyndaria ~ Estriel the Dragon

Historical Character Profile: Estriel the Dragon

Color: Silver

Status: Deceased

Brother: Mynos

Age: Unknown

Temperment: Benevolant

Talisman: The Crystal of Mynos


The story of Estriel the Dragon is a tragic one. She was Mynos's sister, as silver as he is gold. Estriel was always intrigued by the humans living around her. It is known far and wide that dragons have the ability to shape shift, and Mynos's sister chose to live in her human state moreso than her draconic state. As a shifted human, she had silver-toned skin, silver hair, and silver eyes, with slits, much like a cat's eye.

She fell in love with a human. History does not remember his name. But Estriel loved him desperately. So much so, that she was willing to help him in his quest to become more like a dragon himself. He was a magic user, even a powerful one, but a human magic user is no match for a dragon. He did not love Estriel as she loved him; he merely used her for his own gain, lying with her in her human form, believing the act of copulation would give him draconic traits. It did not.

The man became bitter, and no matter what Estriel did or said, he resented her. One night, while she was sleeping, he stabbed her with a magical daggar, knowing only a magical weapon can fell a dragon. His insanity and desire for something he couldn't have made him hate Estriel with a passion, and thus he killed her.

Estriel could have fought back, but she chose not to. She still loved him, after all. When her brother Mynos found her, Estriel's lifeblood covered the ground. The man who stabbed her had disappeared. The silver dragon pleaded with her brother to consecrate her body upon her death, a fate every dragon dreams of. She also pleaded with him that he wouldn't harm her lover.

With a heavy heart, Mynos agreed. Once Estriel had passed, he consecrated her body with his magic, and thus the Crystal of Mynos was born. Upon consecration, a dragon's body becomes a glowing, magical gem to be enchanted as the creator sees fit.

However once Estriel was gone, Mynos forgot his promise not to harm her lover. It is said he tracked that man for days, and once he found him, tortured him with magics beyond comprehension. Mynos is not evil, but he does desire justice, and justice was served the day Mynos caught his sister's murderer.

The essence of Estriel lives on within the depths of the Crystal of Mynos, which is why it is sentient to a point. However the soul of the dragon has drifted into the afterlife. More than any other talisman, the Crystal of Mynos has been sought after by magic users to learn of it's secrets; even to the point of stealing it. At times, Mynos regrets consecrating his sister's body, but he cannot help but be comforted by the fact that Estriel lives on, even if only in part.

Quote of Note:

"Have mercy, Mynos. Please. Do not harm him." ~~Estriel the Dragon