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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sir Ethan's Thoughts

Sebastian is doing this on purpose. He enjoys getting the best of me. Seb has always been competitive, but this is taking things too far!

So I'm a man who wants to be in the company of a beautiful woman. Where's the harm in that? I truly do not understand why Seb feels the need to "protect" Jewel from me.

Well, there was that one incident with Lady Brighton, but I've sworn off popping into a woman's chamber unannounced. It's true! You'd think Sebastian didn't trust my sincerity.

Ah, but Jewel, she's a rare woman. A woman you don't find everyday. And I mean to get to know her better. Seb can try to thwart me all he wants. His demeanor is friendly enough, but I know better. The look in his eye gives him away. He wants me to stay far away from the beautiful woman he found on the fields surrounding the castle. Truth be told, I would have been the one to find Jewel on the fields if my horse hadn't broken it's leg that morning, the poor thing. I had asked Sebastian to go on the scout in my stead.

How's that for irony?

We shall see who gets the last laugh when Jewel chooses the man she'd rather spend her time with. Until then, I'll enjoy annoying my Captain by making doe eyes at the woman he fancies.

~~Sir Ethan of Krey


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