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Monday, March 26, 2007

The Essence of Malnan

Finally, after all these years, I have returned to Mynos. He never knew I bonded my soul to this Jewel so many years ago. But it was done out of desperation. I knew I was going to die on that battlefield. Bonding my soul to the Jewel was the only way for me to survive.

However Mynos never found my Jewel, and thus my soul was lost in antiquity. I have lain dormant for many, many years, biding my time, hoping to journey back to Castle Templestone. What woke me from my slumber was the shudders of pain I felt rippling through the one wearing my talisman on her necklace. How my Jewel was fashioned into a necklace, I do not know.

But my soul is exhausted. I can no longer live as I am. It is hopeless for me. If there are truly no more dragons, then there are no more dragon eggs for me to breathe my essence into. I will never be restored to my former glory. Mynos must release my soul into the afterlife.

But I do not know if he can bring himself to do what must be done...

~~Malnan the Dragon


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