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Monday, September 25, 2006

Character Profile ~ Sir Cederick of Breckenwood

Character Profile: Sir Cederick of Breckenwood

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Status: A Knight from the Order of the Wolverine

Age: 34

Sword: Stoneburner (enchanted by the Crystal of Mynos)


Sir Cederick of Breckenwood is a bitter man. However he is favored by King Brennan amongst the Wolverines. Cederick has thrown his heart and soul into being a knight of the king and it shows. He is a formidable foe on the battlefield, and he is not a man you want to cross if you should be unfortunate enough to anger him.

It is whispered that Sir Cederick was once a happy man, who smiled often and joked with others. However it wasn't until he caught his brother Donnar in bed with his fiancee, Jenna, that he became a hardened man. After that incident, you could find Sir Cederick in the bailey of Castle Templestone, practicing his swordplay with his enchanted sword, Stoneburner, at any given time. He has become obsessed with fighting, perhaps to soothe his wounded heart, or to finally succomb to the peace of death.

Rarely does Sir Cederick let anyone get close to him. The ones who know him the best are his good friends, Sir Geoffrey of Emberdale and Sir Sebastian of Tabrinth, but even they claim not to know the true man beneath the prickly exterior.

His brother Donnar is now married to Jenna with two children of his own. Cederick has never once seen his niece and nephew, as the pain is still too fresh. Those should have been his children, not his brother's. Donnar and Jenna lived in Breckenwood for a short time after their wedding, but have since moved to Evendria.

Many have whispered that Cederick's heart just needs to be melted by a good woman, but Cederick scoffs at that. As far as he's concerned, all women are dead to him.

Quote of Note:

"If she ruins this mission, I am not going to be the one to tell the king that we failed because of Geoffrey’s duty to a woman!” ~~Sir Cederick of Breckenwood

Monday, September 18, 2006

Character Profile ~ King Kaas of the Elves

Character Profile: King Kaas of the Elves

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Status: Ruler of the Elven Kingdom

Family: Wife ~ Queen Loara; Daughter ~ Princess Derekah

Age: 734


King Kaas is an ally to King Brennan of Lyndaria. The two monarchs realized early on that their kingdoms needed to be united in order to fight the threat of Queen Darragh and her mighty armies. Therefore, King Brennan's son, Prince Nicholas, and King Kaas's daughter, Princess Derekah, have been betrothed, thus ensuring the two kingdoms will become one united empire under the banner of Lyndaria.

There have been mixed feelings regarding this bold move, as elves are not met with favor by the peoples of Lyndaria. Their magic is feared and thus shunned throughout the kingdom, however no one can deny the need for magic in the war that is to come.

King Kaas was never actually meant to become the king of the elves. He was second-born in the elven royal house. His older sister Kendra was supposed to ascend the throne after their father stepped down. However, Kendra fell in love with a human Wolverine, Sir Darryn of Winterborne, and decided her love for him was more important than her duty to her people.

Therefore, Kendra and Kaas's father King Leopold, disowned her, not only because she turned her back on her fellow elves, but because she decided to live her life with a human.

Kendra abducated her throne to her brother Kaas, and thus he ascended to become king.

King Kaas is the leader, not only of the elves, but of their powerful army, the Army of Magi, a legion of elves who are well-versed in the use of magic. Only elves and those of elven descent have magical ability in their blood. Dragons have this trait as well, but humans do not, unless they had an elf in their heritage at some point in the past. Even a small amount of elven blood would give a human a fraction of magical ability. They would be limited to what they could do, however, they would be able to small magical tasks. The more elven blood you have in your veins, the stronger you are in magic, unless, of course, you are wielding the Crystal of Mynos, which would magnify your power to be hundreds of times stronger.

Even the person with a drop of elven blood in their veins could become very powerful indeed if they held the Crystal.

With the betrothal of their children, King Kaas and King Brennan have banded their people together, protecting Castle Templestone from the threat of the Dark Knights.

We pray their magic will be enough to hold Queen Darragh at bay.

Quote of Note:

"We always knew the dragon deliberately put an elven spell on the scroll so that not just anyone could read it and wake him." ~~King Kaas

Monday, September 11, 2006

Character Profile ~ King Brennan of Lyndaria

Character Profile: King Brennan of Lyndaria

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Status: Ruler of the Four Realms

Family: Wife ~ Queen Lily; Son ~ Crown Prince Nicholas

Age: 49


King Brennan is a fair and just king. He has ruled the Four Realms for thirty years, after a tragic accident claimed the life of his father, King Juliard. He is the descendant of King Benjamin, who was once Sir Benjamin, a Wolverine underneath King Timothy's rule centuries ago. During the first war for the Crystal of Mynos, King Timothy died after enjoying a long, unnatural lifespan given to him by the talisman. However because of his longevity, King Timothy outlived his successors, and thus there was no one to claim the throne of the four realms he united.

Therefore, it is said that Mynos the Dragon chose Sir Benjamin of Stollinshire to become the next king of Lyndaria due to his benevolant nature. For many generations, the kings of Lyndaria have been descended from him.

The Four Realms of Lyndaria are merely North, South, East, & West, united by King Timothy under one banner. The boundaries of Lyndaria stretch from the cliffs at the coast of the Silver Sea to the tall, black peaks of the Dragon's Death Mountains. And from the northernmost city of Tabrinth to the southernmost city of Breckenwood.

Castle Templestone, the home of King Brennan, sits upon the cliffs of Lyndaria, overlooking the ocean beyond. It is said that the castle was built upon the ruins of a temple built to worship Mynos by ancient peoples long ago. The cornerstone used to build the castle was an original stone from that temple, thus giving the castle it's unique name. This stone can be seen in the wall of the chapel. It is said the castle is also built on top of the lair of Mynos, which is nestled inside the cliffs, however only the kings of Lyndaria know where the secret door to his lair is.

King Brennan himself gave the order to retrieve a valuable scroll that was stolen from the castle by the Dark Knights of Darragh. Upon this scroll is believed to be the spell that will wake Mynos from his stony sleep. Waking the dragon and finding his hidden Crystal is tantamount to defeating the evil Queen Darragh, who has been brainwashing the countryside of Lyndaria to build her armies.

The king has sent Sir Geoffrey of Emberdale, Sir Cederick of Breckenwood, and Sir Sebastian of Tabrinth on this harrowing mission--to find the scroll by any means possible. Let us pray they are successful.

Quote of Note:

"Darragh just attacked the castle, Mynos! She'll stop at nothing to take my crown, and we are going to waste time on training Arianna? This is madness!" ~~King Brennan of Lyndaria

Monday, September 04, 2006

Character Profile ~ Arianna of Stollinshire

Character Profile: Arianna of Stollinshire

Hair Color: Auburn

Eye Color: Hazel

Status: Daughter of a corn farmer

Age: 19


Arianna of Stollinshire resents her father. She has seen nineteen summers, an acceptable age for marriage, and yet her father refuses her to meet anyone who might become her future husband. She feels stifled, as if she needs to take her life into her own hands.

She and her cousin Meiri often lay underneath the branches of an old oak on a hill overlooking her father's farm. They both daydream of romantic adventures and what life must be like at Castle Templestone far beyond the King's Mountains. However Arianna knows that even if the Crown Prince of Lyndaria himself showed up on her doorstep, her father would still not let him court her.

But behind her father's back, Arianna has traveled to Stollinshire, the closest village to her farm. She believes it's there she'll meet the man she will one day marry. But what she finds in Stollinshire is far more than she ever dreamed. A mysterious man in a dark red cloak has asked her to take a scroll and hide it safely. Strange feelings of familiarity overcome her, but she knows she's never met the man before in her life.

It's only when she sees, for a brief moment, the glimpse of a sword of the Wolverines underneath his cloak that she agrees to help him. But who is he hiding from? Why is this scroll so important?

And is there more to Arianna's father than even she knows?

Quote of Note:

“I’m just so impatient, Meiri. I want my life to begin. I want to explore the world and do things that I would never dream that I would do.” ~~Arianna of Stollinshire