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Monday, August 28, 2006

Character Profile ~ Sir Geoffrey of Emberdale

Character Profile: Sir Geoffrey of Emberdale

Hair Color: Sandy Blond

Eye Color: Blue

Status: A Knight from the Order of the Wolverine

Age: 25

Sword: Flameblade (enchanted by the Crystal of Mynos)


Sir Geoffrey of Emberdale is a knight from the Order of the Wolverine, knights sworn to protect their king and country. Each Wolverine has a family heritage in the knighthood, as their swords are passed down from father to son, or from grandfather to grandson.

Flameblade, Sir Geoffrey's enchanted sword, was once wielded by his father, Sir Connor of Emberdale. This sword, along with every single sword of the Wolverines, has been enchanted by the Crystal of Mynos. Just as the Crystal enhances the magical ability of its wielder, so too do the swords of the Wolverines enhance the knight's swordfighting ability. The swords are also sentient to a point, able to converse with their masters if they so choose.

Sir Geoffrey's father, Sir Connor of Emberdale, died when Geoffrey was only five years old. Geoffrey has always blamed himself, as Sir Connor was looking for him in a driving rainstorm. He did not see the deep ravine until it was too late. For this reason, Sir Geoffrey decided to follow in his father's footsteps, practicing with Flameblade since the very day he was strong enough to pick up the sword.

Geoffrey is 25 years old, and the youngest Wolverine to hold the title of the King's Best. King Brennan frequently sends Geoffrey on his missions, as he knows Sir Geoffrey will bring results.

It is often when Geoffrey is idle, resting from the day's work, when a strange scent comes to him. It is soft and feminine and he cannot seem to place it. His dreams are also plagued with the image of a beautiful young girl with auburn hair--one he has never met. Is she real? Or a figment of his imagination?

More than once, Sir Geoffrey has wished she was a real woman, one he could start a family with. But he knows better than to put his hopes on a dream.

Quote of Note:

“Take one last look at your home, sweet lady. The only place you’re safe now is with me.” ~~Sir Geoffrey of Emberdale

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Two New Videos

I have made two new videos for the second and third books in this series. To find them, look on the menu under "Links" on the right-hand side ---------->

They're great. I love them! :)

And now that you know all about Malnan and Malnan's Jewel, the second book should interest you. Hehehe....


Monday, August 21, 2006

Character Profile ~ Malnan the Dragon

Character Profile: Malnan the Dragon

Color: Green

Status: Deceased

Mate: Mynos

Age: Unknown

Temperment: Benevolant

Talisman: Malnan's Jewel


Malnan the dragon was killed in the original war for the Crystal of Mynos millenia ago. Mynos himself witnessed her death. It is said that she was pregnant with two eggs, ready to lay them on the Isle of Dragons, the birthplace of dragonkind. However, she never got the chance.

Myth has recorded that she defied her mate and followed him to the battlefield, despite being told to return to the Isle where it was safe. If she had heeded his warning, the proud dragons might have had another chance to repopulate the skies. But with her death, the hope of rebuilding dragonkind died as well.

Before her demise, Malnan created a talisman; a tear-shaped lavender jewel. This gem is known as "Malnan's Jewel".

However, the gem has not been seen since Malnan's death, leaving some to wonder if it truly exists. The power of this talisman is unknown.

Quote of Note:

"I want to help you, Mynos!" ~~Malnan the Dragon

Friday, August 18, 2006

Mynos and his Crystal

Quote of Note:

“My Crystal has bonded itself to her. She is the only one who can wield it. Its powers are useless to anyone else.” --Mynos the Dragon

Mynos created his Crystal millenia ago. It bonds to its master, making the Crystal inert to anyone else who touches it. However Mynos himself placed upon the Crystal a powerful enchantment. Hundreds of years in the past, a man stole the Crystal from Castle Templestone and succeeded in killing the entire population of dragonkind--all but Mynos.

Because his mate Malnan was also killed in this battle, Mynos decided then and there that no man would ever again be able to touch the Crystal and survive. The Crystal would remember Malnan's death, and exact its revenge upon any man who dared lay their hands on it again.

Therefore, Mynos's powerful talisman can only be touched by the hand of a woman.

However, due to the powerful, magical force within the Crystal, only the hand of a woman with magical ability can touch it without her fragile mind being cracked like an egg. Mynos created his talisman with the purpose to be a tool for teaching magic. It does not give the wielder of its power more powers, but amplifies the powers they already have, making them hundreds of times more powerful.

Because of this special ability, the Crystal of Mynos has been sought throughout the ages by people who are hungry for power. After the war that killed Mynos's mate, he decided he'd had enough. It is whispered Mynos hid the Crystal where no one could find it before he turned himself to stone to escape the pain of lonliness.

Rumors still circulate that the Crystal exists, and there have been many expeditions to find it, yet none have been successful. If such a powerful talisman does indeed exist, perhaps it's better for all of us if it is never found.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Character Profile ~ Mynos the Dragon

Character Profile: Mynos the Dragon

Color: Gold

Status: Last living dragon of Lyndaria

Mate: Malnan

Age: Unknown

Temperment: Benevolant

Talisman: The Crystal of Mynos


Once thought to be the most powerful, living dragon, the name of Mynos descended into obscurity after the great war for his Crystal millenia ago. Every dragon, young and old, including his mate, Malnan, was killed during this war, prompting the renaming of the mountain range where the battle took place from the "Mountains of the Night" to the "Dragon's Death Mountains". The black soil of these mountains has long been rumored to be the last testament of the dragons, a reminder of their scorching, magical breath.

As myth has recorded, Mynos himself was not harmed during this war, due to an enchantment placed upon his Crystal. The talisman, supposedly, can never be used to harm its creator, and thus Mynos's very life was saved. There are whisperings that the mighty Mynos, unable to stand the pain of loneliness, turned himself to stone, to forever guard his lair within the rocky cliffs below Castle Templestone. But these rumors have never been verified, as no one but the kings of Lyndaria know where the secret door to his lair resides within the castle walls.

Many have even denounced that dragons ever existed, choosing instead to believe that they were always the stuff of legend and myth. But the legend of Mynos is by far the most well-known and well documented myth of them all. Perhaps one day, he will awaken from his stony sleep and prove to the world that once, long ago, the proud dragons did, in fact, fly the skies of Lyndaria.

Welcome to the Legends of Mynos!

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Legends of Mynos blog! As if I need another place to blog... :P But I have an exclusive blog for my B.E.A.S.T. series and I thought why not one for my fantasy series?

To give a little background, there are three books in this trilogy, and they are entitled:


The story behind these books has been with my since I was a 13 year old child. Therefore, this series is very special and important to me, for sentimental reasons. It was with THIS very story that I used to imagine myself published as a starry-eyed, young teen back in the day. Seeing this series published is the culmination of a dream, a dream come true. I have proven to myself, that little girl, that I have done it, and I'm so very proud of myself.

This series is contracted at Samhain Publishing and has tentative release dates in 2007. MARCH for book one, JULY for book two, and NOVEMBER for book three.

The cool thing is each one of these books will be going to print, and Samhain has deals with both Borders and Waldenbooks for their print releases! So I have a real chance to reach the world at large with this series.

In this blog, I'll talk more about this series, post a few tidbits about how it came to be, share with you some notes I've written over the years, give you some excerpts, and perhaps go into detail on each of the characters. There are SO many characters from this series, I could seriously do a Character Profile every week and not run out of material for a LONG time. :P So we'll see how this blog grows and evolves.

If you would like to see a "movie" I made for the first book, you can view it here:


Check back often, as I'm planning on keeping this blog updated as much as possible. :)